A Valuable Trait in the New Knowledge-Economy

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1. The ability to quickly master hard things

  • To become world-class material of any discipline requires you to master an increasingly difficult and complex skillset that others may not be able to do so
  • The world is ever-changing and so we must adapt to it before our skills become obsolete

2. The ability to produce at an elite level, in terms of quality and speed

  • Upon mastery, if you can’t produce, there’s no point
  • Similar to programming, it’s relatively easy to pick up certain languages, but are you capable enough to be able to program your own script or website? Are you versatile enough to be able to apply whatever you’ve learned to tackle a specific problem?
  • Enables you to quickly master hard skills since learning requires intense concentration
  • If we are comfortable going deep, we can acquire complex skills through deliberate practice much more efficiently
  • Consolidate your work into intense and uninterrupted pulses to leverage the law of productivity
  • Both these skills require you to engage actively with deep work, which highlights its importance in the workplace and school.

How to apply Deep Work to your life

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  1. Where to work and how long
  2. How you’ll work
  3. How you’ll support your work

Mindful scheduling (Schedule every minute of your day)

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  • A Wall Street Journal article found out that Americans think they’re sleeping on average around 7 hours a night, however, the American Time use survey found out that they average 8.6 hours
  • Another study found that people who claimed to work 60–64 hours per week were averaging more like 44 hours per week

Decide what you’re going to do with every minute of your workday

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